Placenta is a great blessing giving to life

JBP Placenta Extract

The history of placenta and current medicine

Placenta is something that comes about through the separation from the same, single, fertilized ovum as the baby, giving genetic information needed to
produce all necessary cells.

When the baby is finally born, the placenta’s role is completed, and it is expelled from the body. Despite it has accomplished the mission, placenta is still rich in nutrients, and contains all kinds of active ingredients.

Placenta is also an organ that synthesizes and excretes “cell growth factor”, a substance that controls the growth and replication of cells. Without cell growth factor it is not possible to produce new cells. In 10 months of pregnancy, starting with a single cell, a baby is produced with 40 to 60 trillion cells thanks to the cell growth factor produced by the placenta.


Curacen Essence

Curacen Essence:
Curacen Essence is formulated base on human placental extract. This new formulation allows an immediate cell reactivation along with a nice whitening and improvement of skin glow. The quick reaction and cellular activation can be expected from shallow layers of the skin for its small molecules.

2 ml vial JBP Placenta extract.  Box of 20 sterile vials.


Apply to skin just topically.

Directions for Use:

Anti-aging, Whitening, Anti-wrinkle.

CURACEN ESSENCE is a preparation based on human placenta hydrolysate, developed by Japanese scientists-pharmacists in the laboratory of Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. (JBP Co., Ltd.) – the world leader in the study and production of placental preparations.

CURACEN ESSENCE is a nano-preparation with low molecular weight peptides (5000 Daltons) for active tissue regeneration in the face, neck, and scalp area.

CURACEN ESSENCE quality and safety are ensured by using innovation unique technologies, state control of production, strict selection of raw materials and GMP-quality standard, which preserve and concentrate all biologically active substances in their natural structure, which determines high bioavailability, compatibility with the human body and efficiency.

GHC Human Placenta Skincare

GHC Placental 3D Mask with CoQ10
GHC Essence: Serum

This hydro-gel mask, using JBP Placental Extract helps in regeneration of skin cells, and gently whitens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin pigmentation. CoQ10 helps with pigmentation, wrinkle reduction, and firms the skin. Tartaric acid has an astringent effect that leaves your skin soft and smooth. It’s main uses are to increase skin elasticity, moisture content and brighten the tone of the skin.

Gently unfold the mask and position it on the entire face and nose.  Continue to gently stretch over the neck to maximize the lifting effect.  Leave on 15-25 minutes.   

Human Placental Extract, Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Sodium PCA, Polyquaternium-51, Methyl Gluceth-10 and Ubiquinone (CoQ10).

Rich with human placental extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide, this serum gives firmness and moisture to the skin.  Essence provides intensive care for difficult blotches, blemishes, wrinkles and supports firming of the skin.

After using GHC lotion, dab a small drop into problem spots, wrinkles, blemishes and blotchy areas needing special care.  Reseal the Essence vial after using to keep fresh for the next use.  Topical only (not for injection)

 Human Placental Extract, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Polyglutamic Acid and Ceramide.

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